Provides users with a step by step process to make it easier for you to provide quality risk advice.

Web Based Fact Find

The Online Fact Find allows Advisers and their staff to collaborate with clients when completing this important document.

​Other Risk Advice Platform functionality includes Client and Life Insured records including current insurances, medical history based on a personal statement questionnaire and medical practitioner visits.

The Risk Advice Platform also includes a secure, encrypted document locker, file notes, meeting minutes with action points and specific fields throughout the system to assist in building customised reports.

The email system allows you to use your current work email, and the SMS system is integrated with the Advisers mobile phone. You can import your previous emails together with appointments and tasks using MicrosoftTM Outlook (with Online versions of Word Excel, Powerpoint and Skype) or Gmail (with Google’sTM online document, spreadsheet, presentation and meeting software).

Easy to Use Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis allows users to create financial protection solutions based on assets & liabilities, income & expenditures and existing insurances.

Post Quote Analysis

Allows advisers to incorporate  other research factors

  • Personal Advice Research
    Analysis of key products and features tailored to meet clients needs and objectives
  • Life Company Capability
  • Financial Strength
  • Stepped and Level Premium Comparisons
  • Impact of using superannuation to fund premiums
  • Replacement Insurance


Flexible Statement of Advice System

The Statement of Advice system includes access to the latest ASIC risk SOA template and selected Licensee templates. We also provide a template builder that will allow you to build your own SoA or edit an existing template to meet your needs.

Once your templates have been set up, the Risk Advice Platform can auto-fill your SoA before creating a document that can be saved and then edited to customise to your client’s needs.

Extended Free Trial

On release, the Risk Advice Platform will be provided as a free trial as we build the system. As well as having access to the added functionality, we would appreciate it if you would provide us with feedback while you try the system. The best ideas will be incorporated into the platform.

Once subscriptions commence, the Risk Advice Platform will be free for the first month.