LifeRisk Online Subscription Agreement

LifeRisk Online is a registered business name of Life Risk Services Pty Ltd ABN 33 073 830 172.

LifeRisk Online and its successors provide the services under the terms and conditions as set out in this Agreement.


1.1 LifeRisk Online is only available to Australian Financial Services Licence holders (AFSLs), their employees and Authorised Representatives on an ongoing basis.

1.2 Subscribers must provide details of their Licensee together with the ASIC Authorised Representative Number of each user and their contact details when subscribing or signing up for the free 15 day trial.

1.3 Users who are employees of subscribing AFS Licensees or Authorised Representatives are not required to provide an ASIC number.


2.1 Reports and Quotations produced by LifeRisk Online are for the use of registered users with their clients and for management purposes such as compliance.
Further distribution, in any form, to anyone else is prohibited by this agreement without the express written consent of LifeRisk Online.

2.2 Only Users that are included in a current Subscription Agreement may use the LifeRisk Online website

2.3 Users must quote LifeRisk Online as the source of reports in all references.

2.4 As part of its Australian Financial Services License, LifeRisk Partners Pty Ltd ABN 19  115 830 028 AFSL 411655 is authorised to provide general life insurance product advice to wholesale clients.

Life Risk Partners provides LifeRisk Online with product research to subscribers in accordance with its Australian Financial Services License.

2.5 Product research is provided to LifeRisk Online Subscribers on the basis that the information provided may contain general life insurance product advice.

2.6 LifeRisk Partners and LifeRisk Online take no responsibility for the subsequent use of research and reports.


3.1 Subscriptions are provided under this Agreement for the use of each current registered Adviser User.

3.2 Paraplanning and practice support staff may access and current registered Adviser’s user account under the direction of the Subscriber.

3.3 The use of LifeRisk Online by or on behalf of a person or entity which is not a current registered Adviser User is prohibited under this Subscription Agreement. Any such use is deemed to be a breach of this Agreement.


4.1 Users may be added to a Subscription at any time.


5.1 Subscribers may arrange for a User’s account access to be suspended.

5.2 Suspension means that that the user cannot access the User account during the Suspension.

5.3 If the suspended User account is accessed during a suspension, the monthly subscription fee for the current billing period is payable.

5.4 Suspensions start at the beginning of a billing period.


6.1 Subscribers may amend or terminate their Subscription or an individual Users subscription at any time upon provision of written notice.

6.2 Invoices for the current billing cycle are payable by the Subscriber.

6.3 Acceptable forms of written notice are email or letter.

6.4 LifeRisk Online services will continue to be available until the end of the billing cycle following the termination of the subscription unless the Subscriber wants access to be terminated immediately.


7.1 Following the termination of a subscription or of a User’s access, refunds will not be provided for monthly payments. Refunds are provided for unexpired whole months for subscription payments with quarterly, half-yearly and yearly payments.

7.2 Subscriptions can be altered at any time with changes to billing to take effect from the start of the next monthly billing cycle.


Subscribers and Users may transfer to another Licensee. Access to client data quotes and reports generated whilst the Subscriber or User was a representative of the previous Licensee will be maintained under the Subscription unless we receive a request from the previous Licensee to remove access.


9.1 Invoices are issued by email at the beginning of the billing period. Invoices are when they are issued.

9.2 If invoices remain unpaid at the end of the monthly billing cycle, access to LifeRisk Online may be restricted pending payment.

9.3 If a Subscription commences between the

  • 1st and 7th of the month, the billing period begins on 8th of each month;
  • 8th and 14th of the month, the billing period begins on the 15th of each month;
  • 15th and 21st of the month, the billing period begins on the 22nd of the month;
  • on or after the 22nd of the month, the billing date is the 1st of the next month.

9.4 If a Subscription is paid by Direct Debit or Credit Card and payments are due between the

  • 1st and 7th of the month, the payment will be submitted on the 8th of each month;
  • 8th and 14th of the month, the payment will be submitted on the on the 15th of each month;
  • 15th and 21st of the month, the payment will be submitted on the 22nd of the month;
  • on or after the 22nd of the month, the payment will be submitted on the 1st of the following month.

9.4.1 If the date payments are submitted is on weekend or public holiday, payments are submitted on the next business day.


10.1 LifeRisk Online may update the terms of the Subscription Agreement by notifying users of an update by email or on the website. The new terms will apply from the next subscription payment.