Our team has been researching life insurance
products and providing premium comparisons since 1999.

We have systems development experience going back to the 1980s.

Our Risk Advice Platform includes

  • Fact Find
  • Needs Analysis and Strategic Scenario development
  • Analysis tools and reports
  • Statement of Advice

Fact Finds and SOAs can be customised to Licensee and Adviser requirements

Fair-dinkum Premium comparisons from life company quote systems.
We don’t use estimates for retail insurance premiums.

Product research focussed on paying benefits.

One Page Reports
  • Premium comparison
  • Product and premium comparison
  • Rollover funding
  • Replacement Insurance
  • Advice summary
  • Industry Super premium estimates
Comprehensive Reports
  • Fact Find
  • Needs Analysis & Strategic Scenario reports
  • Life company quote PDFs
  • Detailed premium comparison reports
  • Superannuation premium funding
  • Selected, stepped and level premium comparisons
  • Detailed product comparison and recommendations
Current Subscribers

Advisers from a wide range of Licensees subscribe to LifeRisk Online including:

  • Accountable Financial Solutions
  • AFRM
  • AMP Financial Planning
  • Aspect FP Dealer Services
  • Avalon Financial Services
  • Ballast Financial Management
  • Bombora Advice
  • Bristol Street Financial Services
  • Charter Financial Planning
  • Chaucer Group
  • Dover Financial Advisers
  • Financial Stewards
  • GPS Wealth Ltd
  • GWM Adviser Services
  • Hillross Financial Services Ltd
  • HNW Planning
  • Independent Financial Advisers Australia
  • Interprac Financial Planning
  • KNM Services
  • Lifespan Financial Planning
  • Lionsgate Financial Group
  • Magnitude
  • Martin Financial Advisers
  • Millennium3 Financial Services
  • NEO Financial Solutions
  • NSW Complete Financial Services Group
  • PGW Financial Services
  • Risk and Investment Advisors
  • Securitor Financial Group
  • Synchronised Business Services
  • The Financial Link Group
  • Total Financial Services Australia
  • Wealthstream Financial Group
  • Yellow Brick Road Investment Services